A Lucky Break: A compelling saga of ambition, friendship and bitter rivalries

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Although her father is dead, and her mother works hard, Ellie's grandmother Bridie is always there to provide a welcoming hug when the little girl returns from school. But, one tragic day, Ellie's secure world is suddenly torn apart with the mysterious death of her mother, and Ellie is forced to live with her uncle Mick, a man with a violent temper. As the years pass, Ellie's yearning to know the truth about her mother's death never fades - it even casts a shadow over her blossoming romance with childhood friend, Franco Baldini.

For Franco knows more about that fateful day than he dares admit, especially to Ellie. Can their love survive when Ellie longs to uncover events that Franco is desperate to forget? And will Ellie ever find out what really happened to her mother? The youngest of five siblings, Lottie Mortimer has never felt like she belonged. Her mother died shortly after she was born, leaving her father and grandmother to raise the family and, despite their love and support, Lottie can't help wondering if there is something they are not telling her With the First World War over, the Mortimers' ship-owning business is struggling to survive and Lottie, who works with her father, worries what the future will hold.

Meanwhile, her elder sister Eunice is trapped in an unhappy marriage that causes concern for them all. Then Lottie discovers the shocking truth about her birth that turns her world upside down and the dramatic events that unfold affect them all It is and as Carrie Courtney watches her twin sister, Connie, marry the man of her dreams, Carrie longs to find a love of her own. Having lost their mother at an early age, the girls were brought up by their maiden aunts and, with Connie leaving home, Carrie is desperate to spread her wings.

Using her skills as a bookkeeper, Carrie gets an exciting new job but her stunning beauty soon attracts the wrong kind of attention. And romance is the last thing on her mind when her beloved father finds himself caught up in an illegal jewellery business that threatens to destroy them all How different are sign languages across the world? Are individual signs and signed sentences constructed in the same way across these languages?

What are the rules for having a conversation in a sign language? How do children and adults learn a sign language? How are sign languages processed in the brain? These questions and many more are addressed in this introductory book on sign linguistics using examples from more than thirty different sign languages. Comparisons are also made with spoken languages. This book can be used as a self-study book or as a text book for students of sign linguistics.

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Each chapter concludes with a summary, some test-yourself questions and assignments, as well as a list of recommended texts for further reading. The book is accompanied by a website containing assignments, video clips and links to web resources.

Set in Liverpool at the end of the Second World War, Anne Baker's latest saga will move you to tears of sadness and joy. With the scars of World War I still fresh, the Dransfield family face further challenges When Steven Dransfield loses his fortune in the Depression, his wife Leonie is forced to save the family from ruin. But Steve resents the success of her dressmaking business and, trapped in a loveless marriage, Leonie is drawn into the arms of another man. Just as their children, Milo and June, begin to spread their wings, Leonie finds herself pregnant, but her duty lies with her family and when Amy is born she unites them all.

Then with the outbreak of World War II and danger looming in Liverpool, Amy is evacuated to Wales, and, as the bombs start to drop, lives are lost and hearts are broken and the Dransfields must learn to support one another through the heartache that lies ahead A family struggles to survive bereavement, bombing and bitter rivalry Patsy Rushton's brother Barney doesn't know the meaning of hard work, so when their father tragically dies, Patsy has no choice but to save the family's business.

Meanwhile, Barney has got his girlfriend pregnant and, feeling trapped, he abandons her and leaves Merseyside altogether. But trouble follows Barney wherever he goes and when he learns of his sister's growing success, he can't help feeling resentful. Why is their mother, Beatrice, so quick to forgive him? Surely, she can't be blind to his faults?


As Patsy is to discover, there's something else about Barney that is frightening her mother so much she has never dared to speak of it before. The compelling, heartwarming saga from bestselling author Anne Baker. When Helen Redwood is tragically widowed, she and her daughter, Chloe, move to Liverpool to be closer to her family.

But it is being in her beautiful garden with her handsome young gardener, Rex Kenwright, that saves Helen from grief. Rex is no stranger to bereavement himself but, while he finds comfort in Helen's company, it is seventeen-year-old Chloe who steals his heart. It is the swinging sixties, however, and Chloe has dreams of her own.

When she announces that she is moving in with her boyfriend, Adam Livingstone, and there's a baby on the way she has no idea of the devastating effect this will have on those she loves.

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Nor does she realise the rocky road to happiness that lies ahead If this is your author page then you can share your Twitter updates with your readers right here on LoveReading. If this is your author page then you can share your Facebook updates with your readers right here on LoveReading. Wilder, the playwright of the American classic Our Town and the only person to win the Pulitzer Prize in both fiction and drama, uses the event of bridge collapse in 18 th century Peru to examine the human condition through the eyes of an investigating monk.

Agnes Magnusdottir, a young working woman, has been charged with the murder of her employer. While she awaits the time of her execution, she is sent to live at a farm owned by a family in northern Iceland. She chooses a young priest there, Father Tovi, to tell her story to. Based on the true story of the last person executed in Iceland, this historical novel uses beautiful writing to tell a devastating story. The Buried Giant proves that yes, indeed, it can.

It tells the story of Axl and Beatrice, an older couple living in a small village in post-Arthurian England. They, as well as most of the population of this version of Britain, are influenced by a mysterious memory problem. Their drive to remember their lives directs the story of their adventures with ogres, knights, pixies, sinister monks and menacing soldiers until they finally reach a sleeping dragon.

Along the way, they and readers discover some important truths about family, marriage, history, and memory. There she is forced to play her violin during the death marches of the Jewish prisoners. The two stories intertwine into a moving tale of faith, loss, art, and courage. She gathers the stories of her experiences in this remarkable memoir. The chapters alternate between telling the intimate stories of the laboring mothers in this poor part of post-war London and describing the often-humorous accounts of living at Nonnatus House, the convent where Worth was based. The stories here vary widely, some grim, some joyful, just as the lives of the families did in that time; the sometimes-gritty medical details are fascinating, but the real drama comes in the experiences of mothers determined mostly to make a good life for their babies.

Two Brooklyn boys meet through a softball game and become fast friends, despite very different background.


Reuven comes from a Jewish family with modern, American leanings. Danny is heir-apparent to his father, a conservative Hassidic Rabbi. The novel is an exploration of fatherhood, faith, Judaism, and a friendship that defies the odds. The second most famous Christmas story ever told.

Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly businessman, learns the true meaning of Christmas after he is visited by the ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future. Bah humbug! Filled with memories from his childhood in Alabama, this memoir from Truman Capote pays tribute to his distant cousin Miss Sook Faulk. Capote spent his childhood with distant relatives, but it was the old-maid cousin with whom he formed a special bond; making fruitcake, cutting their own tree, and celebrating a tipsy yuletide from the leftover moonshine-soaked fruitcake.

A Christmas Memory is full of the tenderness and innocence of childhood. James McBride wrote this best selling work as a tribute to his mother, a Jewish girl who left her middleclass childhood home in Virginia to live a life of largely inner-city poverty. In the next fifty years Ruth McBride Jordan experienced two happy marriages to devoted Black men and raised twelve children. The LDS gospel presents many ideals: commandments and obligations and requirements, ways of being and examples to uphold. Trying to fulfill those ideals perfectly sometimes leads members to feel as if they are failing.

Starting with a mighty change of heart she experienced, Elona explores how living the gospel within the reality of the world might not fulfill the ideal, but still brings us closer to God. When Larry and Sally Morgan, poor Westerners, move to Wisconsin to begin work at Wisconsin University during the Depression, it is the generosity of wealthy Easterner Sid, an established faculty member, and Charity, his headstrong domineering wife, which keeps them afloat.

Decades later Charity reunites everyone after tragedy strikes one of the couples. The work is a touching tribute to friendship, family, and love.

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A murderer for a son and a prostitute for a sister — that is how Stephen Kumalo, a poor country pastor, finds his son Absalom and his sister Gertrude when he arrives in the troubled Johannesburg of the s. A timeless story told in poetic prose in which dignity, love, and compassion triumph over crime, poverty, and racial injustice. With his friend Rob Barclay, Angus leaves Scotland for Montana, where the two friends become sheep ranchers, as well as fathers, husbands, and men along the way.

Dancing at the Rascal Fair shares thirty years of their lives with readers, in stories rich with humor, suffering, love and friendship.

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His new adolescent awareness takes him on a journey of first discoveries full of magic and exuberance. Kate Morton is the master of intricately plotted historical novels that move back and forth between current times and the past; seeing how narratives unravel and stories connect is part of the pleasure of reading her books.

The Distant Hours is no exception. In contemporary London, Edie receives a letter that was mailed to her mother nearly fifty years ago and only just arrived. Her normally mellow mother reacts so strongly to the letter—which came from one of the three sisters she lived with in Middlehurst castle in Kent during the Blitz—that Edie decides to investigate.

Mystery lovers, as well as history fans, will be fascinated by this story as it unwinds to its bittersweet end. Fuller describes her childhood, armed with an Uzi, in Zimbabwe during the Rhodesian Civil War of the s. The experience of the Fuller family including their own racism and quirks is told without sentimentality, and this book beautifully explores the beauty of Africa, the strength of family life, the human capacity for brutality, and the unique nature of individual experience.

Oxford graduate student Kivrin Engle, who specializes in medieval history, finally persuades her professor to allow her to travel to England in the middle ages, just before the beginning of the Black Plague. She falls ill right after her arrival, and is found and then cared for by members of a village. In contemporary Oxford, a new influenza plague disrupts the university, stranding Kivrin in the past.