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Why is CanMEDS being revised and what will it really mean?

Within this context, the question arose:. The framework is relevant to multiple stakeholders- educators, teachers, trainees, practising physicians, researchers and other health care professionals.


These competencies have been organized around the physician Roles. These seven Roles have been clarified and defined by Key competencies.

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Each key competency has been further outlined into multiple Enabling competencies. The enabling competencies specify the behaviours, skills and attitudes that must be displayed by the postgraduate learner.

These enabling competencies are outlined in detail in the CanMEDS framework document and are planned for use in resident evaluation. Each module in this series will also link to the list of the key and enabling competencies associated with that Role. These descriptors or elements can be used to understand the Role in more detail. Eight specific physician roles were identified: medical expert, communicator, collaborator, health advocate, learner, manager "gatekeeper" , scholar, and "physician as person.

Physician health: A review of lifestyle behaviors and preventive health care among physicians

In this final module, we will look at some of the lifestyle and work issues that are challenges to the embodiment of the CanMEDS Roles. The College of Family Physicians of Canada also have a framework to guide their specialty. The 4 Principles of Family Medicine are:.

Educating future physicians for Ontario: phase II. Academic Medicine ; A medical career can be a tough road to travel. The very trails that make for a great physician can also make it a challenge to balance personal contentment with professional satisfaction.

Physician Health | Dr. Derek Puddester

Depression and Anxiety Chapter 6, pp Measuring and Maintaining Faculty Health Chapter 4, pp in. Tools for Self Care Lead Editor. Section 4, pp Home Programs Key Audiences Dr.