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I never believed most the show was reql from the beginning just was interested by the idea of a show where they repo fancy jets. The more I watched the more ridiculous it seemed because 1 All the crimes they commit 2 camera angles and such 3 the episode about the potential drug plane. The one where the airport manager actually brings the log books seems like it could be a realistic type repo.

The airport manager is on his side as the owner of the plane is also late on their hangar rent.

He inconspiculously does a check of the plane by acting like a perspective buyer confirming it is air worthy. The plane is not an incredibly expensive super luxury jet, it is a small single engine prop plane The owner has the plane outside of the hanger because of the airshow, and also has it unlocked because it is being supervised.

The airport manager is used to distract the owner and take her away from the plane giving the repo man a chance to hop in and take it. And he recieves clearance for takeoff because he is in cahoots with the airport. This seems reasonable as go pro mounts do not take long to attatch and they were aware they had time because the airport manager was distracting the owner. Just saw this show for the first time. This is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever seen. Even though it is fake, it is funny how dumb it is. I can probably turn this show into a great drinking game.

I must point out the episode where they are trying to repo the bell jet ranger did it for me! All under the nose of the police man. That way the uninformed and the informed would all be happy all of the time. Great comments, I fly the B all the time out of the b. Oh, its real alright. Seriously though, as super fake as it is, my wife and watch it from time to time.

We like to point out the mistakes. Try it. As much as I love alot of previous American shows and people.

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What the hell are you guys producing now days? Sad really.

Soooooo they just left him behind? So fake. Show us the real deal. When a stranger walks up to the scene and busts the heist mechanic, pilot or airport authority.. Even when they are15 feet away talking to the repo men in action.. The audio should sound more distant. All of these characters flying those turbine aircraft must have a type certificate for each one on their pilots certificate. That is a whole bunch of type ratings which are very expensive to obtain.

The FAA would be on them like bears on honey is they were flying these planes without the proper rating. Give them their day and cash. But at least turn it on when you go pee.

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Maybe just one silly question from my side- where the hell do they get the keys of all the planes always? If this was anywhere close to real, keys and locked doors to the planes would have been problem number 1. Despite the obvious inaccuracies, re-staged events, multiple cameras etc I do like watching this program. Whoever writes these stories has an evil sense of humour. Oh, and they do warn that many scenes and characters have been filmed afterwards for the sake of TV.

Take with a large grain of salt and enjoy! Viewers should not engage in the highly dangerous activities depicted on the show. Must be fake. The financing company owns the plane and can just go and get it. I just watched a episode being filmed at Apopka Florida on April 8.

Mike Kennedy and some other guy in pilots uniforms walked through the same scene 3 times while I was watching. Then she came inside the terminal to cool off and chatted with Mike while he was waiting to shoot another scene. She complained the mic transmitter hidden under her dress was getting hot. I was waiting to go for a flight but could not step outside until they finished the shots. I did get a photo of me and Mike. My name is Mark and the episode where there taking a King Air and a Cessna is fake. I know this for a fact because I fly in there all the time. He is the owners son that owns Havasu Air center where this is.

Ive been in that as well. Want to see the pictures!

Completely fake. Why lie? Just adds to the stupity of the whole series. They get the guys plane in a seperate hanger, and surprise, just as theyre shutting the hanger door the owner shows up. Everything in this show is scripted and created to make more drama.. Stupid show. I know that a lot is added, mr. Laci and his copilot just did a repo where the FBI took them down while refueling and one of the FBI agents was miked up on his back belt loop!!! Just watched the latest July 15 episode with the helicopter. This is fake as all get up.

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The episode where one of the repo men gets taken into custody by Border Patrol Agents in Texas, that is not the Border Patrol uniform, badge is wrong, different patches, and name tapes on the uniform. Complete unofficial costume props. How do I know this? I am a Border Patrol Agent. What does bother me is I have seen private jets and even a helicopter taken by their owners when your repo guys just let them be able to walk away with it.

I also think you could and should use the law when ever possible and the federal departments as well like Federal Marshals and FFA. But when it comes down to it, I would much rather watch this then Survivor. I have been a cooperate pilot for 29 years. I can tell you this show is absolutely fake. Pure fiction. This season is even worse with bad guys with guns, fake FBI agents etc.

My wife and I love watching the airplanes, but the show is so obviously fake. Too many contrived situations, too many camera angles and too many convenient and predictable scenes. Every time I watch this I want to puke. I think it is time to find something better to do with my time.

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My wife went to school with one of the actors who played a debtor on one of the most unbelievable shows! Look atbthat stupid show lizard lick towing. Btw why is the debtor blured out. Works for me otherwise how do you explain the camera crew who is standing a few feet away to the debtor???!!!!!! Last night they had a repo in Cherokee County GA that was supposed to be a father-son gun running operation from there to El Paso. The plane was so loaded down that it could barely climb. No one checked the cargo before they took off.

Once they broke the code and figured out what was going on, they called the cops and returned to Cherokee County, which they made to look uninhabited, actually , plus residents. There goes the show for me.

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And we used to enjoy it. I used to like this show but this season has gotten so fake much worse than prior seasons that this is the last one I will watch. I think the producers think up every conceivable thing that could possibly happen on any given repo and then write it into each episode. Later Airplane Repo, you guys have lost a viewer. Get your damn 2nd grade education first and learn to spell. And as far as Airplane Repo is concerned it is fake. My question is why does it always have to be a heist. If the bank is truly repossessing an airplane you bring the paperwork to the owner and take the damn plane.