Haunted Valley

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I just love seeing who my sims will meet in a new town. Damienf Posts: 6, Member. Rflong7, It looks really well done. It has that Halloween feel.

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I like it. Will there be a bunch of playable ghosts roaming the town? I can't do that unless I make a Save file- but I am going to put a few Sims to the end of their lives so they will hopefully die the next day. I have my fingers crossed it keeps working and I catch all the little bugs and squash the big things. Rflong7, You could create a couple playable ghost families or a few households with playable ghosts and upload them separately if you don't want to make a save game file. Off course, than there won't be any graveyard ghosts, but that's not the end of the world.

TinTinnerson48 Posts: 4, Member. Figures I have to be first - cringing to tell Rflong, "Pardon Lady Rflong, might i have a word with ye? Not meaning to find any faults Okay I will first get past the funny - caught two fish "funny" plaques - so far anyway - one in the Asylum torture looking chamber on one wall other wise probably known as the lobotomy lab or morgue. Seems fitting providing you did put it there or purpose. The second i discovered In the Farmers house on the Dining room wall - where co-incidently all mine seem to appear when they weren't supposed to - even on the moon.

It does look perfect there, but figured I should mention it or be slacking in my duties. But if it was intentional, I love it. See just small things. Next - the Usher House - first let me say it is magnificent - love it - but found one wall in the Dining room does not match the rest. It has a wall candlabra there. Again being a haunted house i was not sure if this was intentional or not - but again figured i should bring it up. A bit more on the serious level still in the "House of Usher" in the bedroom with the loft bed - that particular bed has messed up textures and keeps changing colors or it has stacked beds on top of one another - it is a glitch in Generations i believe - I believe that one is the stacking problem and I understand you just remove the extra beds if it is.

Hopefully they give us a real fix for that particular bed eventually. Okay - that's all I have for now. I figured i would let you know what i have so far. Reggie sneaks out and back to Haunted Valley I can't help it any more since WW and all the fish decorations. Just to remind people, I'm not a good story writer. I usually think of the townies Sims I'm not playing as background.

So, the Sims I add won't have fun and interesting stories but It won't work at all. Evalen Posts: 9, Member. You as usual did a great job. It looks like it reads I like the idea of the junk for picking is in a barn or shed so to say never thought of that idea, might use the idea hope you don't mind. I don't know where to go for ideas. I don't mind. I don't really look for town plans as much as I look for street pictures. Maybe using a search engine like Google can help. Rflong, i have been through most of the lots in town now - not the little ones up by the science building yet and I think 5 more in town, and have not found any more oops yet.

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  • The Haunted Valley () - IMDb.

Just letting you know. Love all the changes too since the first test.

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Looks great seeing all of the world hehehe. Hey if you are short any sims and want those not updated - there are a number of sims in my studio made back when LN and before came out. Just the ones not in houses. Don't take the ones in houses though as they may have problems with content in the houses not having the update for store stuff in them.

But I am sure there are several there without houses, not updated since LN. I have the updated varieties in my game and try to wait a few weeks after new eps to update my actual studio sims in case we get game fixes.

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But then if your mouse is broke - that may be a non- issue now. HHehehe Anyway - you undersale your self as you make some of the most wonderful characters. I know i have a lot of them in my game and love them all. You do too write well. Shish, I swear you are your own worse crittic.

I demand you stop selling yourself short - people love you towns, sims, and cute, quirky little bits about the houses and sims. You really have an amazing imagination and the talent to bring it to life. You need to tell Rflong critic to go home, and you and the other 5 Rflongs just keep doing what you are doing. DarkMirage Posts: 5, Member. Rflong knows and makes me laugh every time and some reason makes me think of Dark Mirage.

Caught that one huh DM.

Lion Ambassadors' 'Haunted Valley' ghost tours event rescheduled to Nov. 4

I know every single time I see the fish plaque i see you too and fall off my chair laughing. You and your Merry Fish-mas docor and lets not forget "going to the chapels and we're going to get married with fishes on the wall" hehehe too funny. Sign In or Register to comment. He moves on to discuss his encounter with Jo' Dunfer, the man who owns the land in this valley. Dunfer is a bit of an odd fellow who has a strong disdain for Asians and narrator asks him about this one day when visiting Jo's bar. Jo initially explains that he had an Asian working for him years ago who was helpless and arrogant.

'Haunted Valley' Set for Friday

Despite Jo' supposedly tolerating this for a while, he set up a project he figured would be too much for the Asian person, Ah Wee. Jo' explains that Ah Wee couldn't fell the trees right and this made him awfully angry. Before he can go on, Jo' sees an illusion in a knot of wood on the wall that the narrator also sees, it is that of a large black eye.

The narrator leaves and eventually wanders into the valley to where the site of the cabin was to be. There he finds a grave with an odd dedication to Ah Wee that refers to the person as a woman. Perplexed, the man ponders what this is all about but learns nothing more for several years. Four years later, he is hitching a ride with a slightly eccentric man who asks him what he has done with Jo. The narrator has no answer but continues riding with him.

The narrator later asks what became of Jo and the man brings him to the clearing and next to Ah Wee's grave is Jo's.