How to Become a Male Primary School Teacher: For Aspiring Teachers, Trainee Teachers and NQTs

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The work includes preparing and planning lessons, marking work, writing reports, and going to meetings and parents' evenings. As a Primary School Teacher, you will teach children aged between 5 and 11 or a limited age group within this range. You'll cover a wide range of subjects.

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They usually teach one class of children of roughly the same age, but with widely differing abilities. Your teaching methods might include small group work, projects, learning through experience, and the use of audio-visual materials, interactive whiteboards, the internet and online learning games.

Using a mixture of activities you will stimulate interest, learning and imagination, helping your pupils to develop a variety of skills. You will carefully plan you teaching so that it meets the needs of pupils with differing learning styles and needs. Teachers in the state education sector are paid on a scale according to their qualifications, experience and responsibilities. The highest salaries are available in inner London schools. Teachers normally work from am or 9 am to pm or 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

However, most teachers work extra hours - marking work, preparing lessons and going to meetings. They often have to work in the evenings and at weekends to prepare lessons and mark work. Some teachers supplement their income by teaching privately, marking national exams or writing textbooks.

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In Wales there is high demand for Welsh-medium education, so if you plan are a first or second language Welsh speaker, you could improve your prospects of obtaining a teaching post by training to teach through the medium of Welsh. You could also get financial support through a Welsh-medium incentive scheme. Check with your course provider. There are also job boards , such as eTeach. There are several ITE routes. In Wales there will be new professional standards for students starting their ITE programme from September Firstly, training providers and employers will want to see evidence you have the required skills and motivation to succeed as a Teacher.

A minimum of two weeks experience is sometimes required. Primary education degrees with QTS sometimes allow you to specialise in a particular subject. Most postgraduates take a PGCE in primary education.

Some primary education PGCEs allow you to specialise in a particular subject. Courses are usually one-year full-time. Some two-year, part-time courses are available although not in every subject. A great way to get into this career is through an internship.

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Take a look at our information article ' Internships ', for more details. There is also the employment-based School Direct scheme: you'll train while working in a school. The expectation is that you'd go on to work in the school or group of schools where you trained, although there's no guarantee of employment at the end of your training. This does not apply in Wales. These programmes are delivered by groups of neighbouring schools and colleges and often aim to meet local teaching needs. In Wales, you can train whilst employed at a maintained school through the Graduate Teacher Programme GTP but places are limited and subject to local recruitment needs.

Teach First is a charity that recruits and supports graduates to teach in schools in low-income communities in a number of UK regions.

‘I will never return to teach in England’: the UK teachers finding refuge abroad

The programme takes two years to complete. Once employed, newly qualified teachers NQTs must complete a three-term induction period, usually within a single school year. There are opportunities for Teachers to move into teacher training, leadership roles, advisory work, educational research or schools inspection. Teachers can become heads of department, heads of year, or co-ordinators of special educational needs or careers guidance.

This career is an exception to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act This means that you must supply information to an employer about any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings, if they ask you to. All candidates for primary teacher training need GCSEs or recognised equivalent qualifications at grade C or above in English Language, Mathematics and a science subject. If you don't have the GCSEs that are usually needed, you might be able to sit a pre-entry equivalency test; you should contact individual course providers to discuss your situation before making your application.

Teaching is about relationships; and the relationship between a trainee and their class teacher on placement is vitally important. The trust and loyalty of headteachers and teachers in our partner schools, built up over the last 15 years, is a key strength of our training. The Real Schools Guide The consistently high quality of support on 3 contrasting school placements, from dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, underpins the course's success, making the SCITT partnership one of the very top teacher training providers in the country The Good Teacher Training Guides.

This maximises opportunities for each trainee to learn from best practice in different settings. Trainees with children are always thought about carefully so as to best support them as they juggle teaching demands with their own childcare arrangements. This is an outstanding feature of the training. You may be eligible for a loan while you study. All degree subjects will be considered, including subjects not directly linked to a National Curriculum subject.

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We are looking for talented, creative individuals, with a passion for teaching across a wide range of subjects within the primary curriculum. Good communication skills are at the heart of effective teaching and all applicants are expected to demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Teachers in schools know that teaching demands stamina and perseverance. We look for applicants with the resilience and determination required to cope with the demands of teaching.

We aim to recruit a range of good role models representative of the local population, particularly from minority ethnic communities and men. We also encourage LSAs and career changers. A commitment to undertake teacher training is a major step. As such it is important applicants make this commitment based on a first hand understanding of the pressures and rewards of working in a British primary school in the twenty first century.

We feel this is advantageous to demonstrate your understanding of teaching and learning in your interview. Applicants will need to pass health and DBS police checks and have the physical and mental fitness to teach. STEP is an innovative alliance of primary and secondary schools working across Leicester, Leicestershire and surrounding areas. As a diverse partnership of schools in rural and urban settings we work collaboratively to improve outcomes for our children.

We provide high quality, inspirational opportunities to develop and enthuse existing teachers and those new to teaching. They benefit from access to our high quality NQT and professional development programmes, providing continued support throughout their career.

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The SCITT prides itself on the unrivaled, personalised support it offers all trainees, leading to the highest percentage of trainees gaining Qualified Teacher Status in Leicester and Leicestershire. Catching them at it! Sally Featherstone. Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice.

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