How To Raise and Enjoy Bengal Kittens

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We prefer for him to be safe and live to a ripe old age than to take a chance and have him hurt, injured, injure others or worse. He has plenty of space to play, as another member wrote "a pet store worth of toys", we horse around twice a day for at least an hour. He loves people and dogs. He is not lacking for anything.

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And if he is missing something, he has no problem letting us know! He is quite the talker! He goes for an annual check up with his favorite veterinarian. He is a very healthy, neutered 18 lb PITA said with love, of course. In terms of biting and infection: that is true. A cat's bite can be messy. If your cat any cat mistakes your hand for a steak, after the incident, keep it clean and keep a close eye on the wound.

It is painful and antibiotics may be in order. It's not the end of the world, though, as some posters mentioned. Bengals aren't for everyone. They are very demanding, incredibly intelligent and active. They insist on being "in" on whatever is going on around them and their dog-like antics are too funny for words. Oh by the way, mine starts pee'ing squatting and then stands up, too! I am so glad you mentioned that, Sarah C.

I put his boxes up against the wall and stand up whole pages of newspaper between the box and the wall. I also have gallons of Natures Miracle ;.

Make Sure You Get a Bengal Cat From a Reputable Breeder

All my bubs fetch love water are cuddle sweet natured. Hi, Thank you for your reply,I think i will get him an out door run made and get him neutered. Thank you again for the advise. Oh boy Jaynie, sounds like you got a handful there! To answer some of your questions Melanistic Bengals are black cats with black spots or marbling.

This color is not recognized for showing so show breeders do sometimes cull them but I think more often than not they get sold as pets because pet owners don't care to show anyway and some of us actually think melanistic is beautiful. As for your cat They show up very commonly as all black cats with long tails, lean bodies, and adorable faces. Being a cross he probably wouldn't display blue eyes either.

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At 9 months of age most cats are pretty close their adult size, he may grow a little more but by the time a year's out he's going to be done with that. Have you neutered him yet? If he's unfixed he will grow more muscular and he will beat the hell out of any other tom cat in sight. The surgery isn't just for the purpose of keeping the population down it also calms the animals down a bit, makes them more likely to be docile, especially towards each other. I had a Siamese girl who displayed most of these behavioral characteristics I'm afraid you're not going to get rid of these personality traits.

I personally don't let my cats outside as I know they'll endanger wildlife and put themselves at risk for being eaten by dogs and other things. I have however made them an outdoor run I have yet to post photos of. I did however write an article on caging cats that goes though some ideas for outdoor runs, some more affordable than others. It'd keep him from harming other cats. Scroll to the bottom for the outdoor runs.

Do Bengals Make Good House Pets?

Hello everyone.. My Female Bengal is 13 this year - She has pee'd standing up her whole life. She starts off squatting but as she ee's she slowly stands up more and more - I have a high sided litter tray which is over 12inches tall - But she still manages to do it as this tray has handle holes which I have covered with tape in the vain hope none will escape She is a mad cat LOL - She is not ill, she is just a bengal who does this Just glad I dont have carpet anywhere near the litter box lol.


They are a total handful and very clingy. Bengals are very demanding I have descovered but also very loving Thank you for your reply, I really don't know if this is what they are, but they certainly don't look like any Cats feet I've ever seen before.

How to Care for a Bengal Cat

Your Bengal might have "double paws," more correctly called polydactl which just means he has more toes than is normal. It's a common trait in Maine Coons and ferals and because Bengals are from a whole mess of other breeds they sometimes have things like this pop up. Sometimes double pawed cats look like they have mittens or baseball mitts for front feet and I knew a Siamese once that had ten toes on each back foot, which is extreme and very unusual, not to mention very bizarre looking!

Hemingway had a bunch of these double pawed cats, that's why any cat which displays this feature is sometimes called a Hemingway Cat. Bengals feet generally look pretty normal Her feet look like hands. Sushi Bengal Adoption: Previously owned Bengals are a completely different thing. They are peculiar animals. I must say though if he climbs on your bed to watch cartoons with you there is hope he'll eventually start to feel safer in his environment and more amiable towards you.

I have met a lot of these cats though that will never readjust, they end up holy terrors and bad biters. That's why I stress people really know what they're getting into when they take one of these guys home because it will be a lifelong commitment. To all those who feel keeping cats indoor is cruel: Please understand it's not just for the cat's safety it for everything within claw's reach. Bengals can be ferocious hunters and there's certain bird species that are being completely devastated by feral and outdoor cats. Also the possibility of your cat picking up a disease from another cat he encounters is MUCH greater when he's allowed outside and at least here in the United States more cats are killed by cars and wildlife than anything else.

In fact the average age of death for an outdoor cat is a pitiful 2 years, compared to house cats who live well into their teens and beyond. Personally I am building a large outdoor pen for my beasties. It keeps them away from most dangers and allows them to play in the grass and feel the sunshine. Right now I am guessing Howl is going to be scared to death of the new pen as he's never been outside and tends to act this way in new environments.


Sophra I am sad to say passed away and so this is really for my other kitties enjoyment but I'll probably make a hub on it one of these days. I have two beautiful bengals, India and Sati. Liked hearing about your kitties but couldn't disagree more about forcing your cats to live indoors. Our cats live for their time in the forests and fields.

They climb everything. They catch bugs and small fish in the stream behind the house. They roam all over the mountain. I would rather they live shorter, but more fulfilled lives than be cloistered away, never able to feel the wind ruffling their fur, never able to stalk prey, never allowed to melt away into a dappled wood to spend quiet time in nature. I hope you don't take any offense, but I would never want my little wildcats to live a life of sheltered domesticity.

I can also tell you that during the winter months when it is too cold for them to spend time outdoors, they become much more destructive and fight more often. They are just so much healthier and happier, physically and mentally, when they have a natural and mentally stimulating outlet for their energy. I think a lot of the behavioral issues people have with bengals stem from them being cooped up indoors where they end up causing trouble to alleviate their boredom.

Added bonus, we no longer have to fence our gardens since they have become incredible little hunters. I will agree with one thing you said - we will always have hybrid cats from now on, they are amazing and beautiful companions. I was recently bit by a friend's cat, who clamped her jaws onto my wrist.

It was the singular most painful experience, worse than breaking my arm. In less than an hour, my wrist was completely swollen, and I had to enlist the help of said friend to cart me off to the hospital. It took two solid weeks before I was able to bend my wrist without pain.

Bengal Cats

Imagine the looks of surprise on people's faces when I explained that my arm was not actually broken, but rather that I had suffered from a gnarly cat bite. I just adopted an F6 2 yr old male Bengal, He spends the majority of his time under our bed. Only coming out at night and then likes to get on the bed and watch cartoons with us! He has been eating so long as I put his food under the bed.

He seems very fearful of just about everything! Will he get better eventually and be one of the fam? Great hub, I love all cats. I've never seen a service cat, but I live in the Tacoma area and maybe I'll bump into Patty and her service cat! Our three Bengal kittens be playing around the house, chasing each other and jumping over the back of the sofa, and in their inertia would be shooting like little furry cannon balls against the window.

I was ever so afraid that they would one day go straight out of the first floor window and land outside. But they clung to the window grille with their tiny claws and dangled, making us laugh with relief. Very informative and yet personal Hub. Enjoyed reading it. I have a 9 month old F2 Bengal boy and he is all that you describe, purrs like a choo choo train even louder when you talk to home or pet him.