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The Variety Show Duration: The Road to Ruin Duration: Chavez takes on the oil industry Duration: Music Played. Wed 16 Jan Related Content You may also like. By format: Documentaries.

Home Schedule TV Guide. It was a massive nickel refinery and I was there to help shut it down.

Unrestrained beauty, overflowing dumpsters

It was such a shit job — every day was stinking hot and we were working on heavy machinery smeared with grease, chemicals or both. But I wanted a trade to fall back on so felt compelled to stick it out. Yet unpleasant as it was, I found the sight of this hulking mass of steelwork impressive, and the process of refining metals fascinating.

Nothing in an industrial setting is intended to look good. But I did pick out certain details — the coloured metal swarf debris, a freshly milled piece of steel with perfectly parallel iridescent tool marks across its surface. Fast forward a decade or so and my work took me to many more places like this — power stations, mines, paper mills, foundries, chemical plants, food production facilities, cigarette factories and even a crematorium.

In I was working as a service technician for an air compressor company when I met a colleague who was a keen amateur photographer.

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So, after consulting my workmate, I bought a Nikon D and a f2. It began to feel very unfulfilling very quickly. One day I stopped at a vast abandoned factory I passed on my way home from work. There was a long section of fence missing. You try to imagine what these spaces were like when they were filled with busy workers trying to meet production targets.

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And why did they close? Built , photos starting March Private club that is up for sale. A circa image hanging in one of the conference rooms of an accounting firm in the Turks Head building. Built , photos starting December Previously located on Rt , Lincoln, at the junction of and ; now located further down on the other side of the highway.

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National Register status Future very uncertain, esp. Built in on the South Attleboro side of the Pawtucket line. Fred M.

random architecture

Roddy was the inventor who revolutionized the plastics industry and later founded Cumberland Engineering. Not yet reopened. Built , photos starting June