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Class notes skip over the irrelevant organisms because they dont have a stock culture to teach with and I just didn't look it over. I mean it look like so much material but its really not compared to a generalist exam just don't all at once just study like GPC staphs all one day then all streps the second. TEST gives you scenario or sometimes a straight fact knowledge question or questions with test results with 4 possible answers the problem was some of the answers were subspecies I never heard of, anyway just know your bacteria well.

Yes, I passed 2nd time around finally. The ASCP exam is detailed. Also this time around I used labce. Thank you so much for all your input! Do you already have a full-time job in microbiology and got the certification as a supplement? It is interesting to hear what other people are doing for their careers. Thanks again for all your help!

Clinmicrosci in Carson, California. CT in Manchester, Connecticut. Thank you so much for the information and tips! I am planning on taking the test soon so let see what happens. I was looking for a diagnostic microbiology text book on amazon but found a whole bunch You have to take the basic knowledge exam first and then, the clinical microbiology exam.

ASCP seems to have a monopoly on the Medical technology testing. As you passed ur exam, would you please let me know what are the main viruses to study for the exam? Regarding the laboratory operation and instrumentation from where did you study for this part? Any lab math questions appear in your exam? If possible, the edition and ISBN number will be a great help.

THere are several Textbook of Diagnostic Micriobiology available.

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I have only 2 months to study. Hetal in Houston, Texas. Lane L in Buffalo, New York. No posts in 9 months.. I hope the employers here are more active : I passed the ascp exam last week, came here to submit my resume and hopefully start working soon. Hope it helps guys. See you in the lab :. Nina in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. I'may a BS Biology that's been working in microbiology for about 9 years now.

Eli in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Hi, would you please explain me what kind of experience you presented to be eligible to take ASCP M exam? I have masters in molecular biology and microbiology and wont be able to work in clinical witout passing M ASCP and wont be able to take M ASCP witout having at least 6m clinical experience. Please Help!!! My email : safavi. New releases. Pocket Parasitology Free Einsambr Education. Add to Wishlist. This is the free version of Pocket Parasitology.

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The App was designed by myself, a year-old medical student from Taiwan! This is facilitated by 3 main features also demonstrated in the screenshots : 1.

Select a category e. In Pocket Parasitology, you can: 1 Edit a parasite 94 parasites are included by default. QUIZ: Quiz is perhaps the most crucial part for student users. Pocket Parasitology can generate infinite quizzes based on your study focus. Quiz questions are randomly generated from your database for the content columns that you specify. The best way to make use of this app, therefore, is to incorporate your knowledge of Parasitology in your personal database, utilizing the design functions.

With this flexibility, I am confident that Pocket Parasitology will be a highly useful study companion or reference guide! First year : Final examination. Theory paper comprises:. The practical paper includes laboratory techniques in the various disciplines of microbiology. The thesis must be submitted at the end of the second year course which is normally one year.

The thesis must be acceptable to the board of examiners and must be defended to the satisfaction of the board. If the board is not satisfied, the candidate has to revise or rewrite the thesis and resubmit it.

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So Institute of Medicine - 2, Yangon has introduced Ph. Microbiology course in The minimium length of the time required for doctoral thesis will be 3 years. The candidature will be terminated if the course is not completed , at the end of 4 years. Student should attend common module course of two weeks duration at the beginning of the course. A thesis for the Ph. A total of two year course excluding the basic sciences course is required for Master of Medical Science in Pathology, in which Medical Microbiology and Immunology subjects comprises one paper to accomplish the degree.

Department of Microbiology takes the responsibility for teaching and assessment of those subjects since the beginning of this course. The other three disciplines Histopathology, Haematology, and Chemical Pathology are fully taken by Department of Pathology. Medical Microbiology and Immunology subjects is covered by staff of Microbiology Department in teaching and assessment.

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We support the doctorate candidates from Ministry of Education with the permission of Ministry of Health in order to fulfill their research work. They also affiliate in community health care activities convey by Department of Public Health. Seminars on globally interested Microbiology topic of update and then CME programme related to disciplines mentioned in curriculum are held in every year.

A programme for academic staff development is proposed to the rector of the university for arrangements such as international tour programme for studying recent advances in the field of microbiology in the neighbouring countries and if possible to extra-regional country as well.

For social welfare of the staff a cost sharing microbiology laboratory was conducted with the permission of the rector of the University. Kekkaku Immunol : Study on therapeutic activity of Benzoxazinorifamycin KRM in combination with other antimicrobial agents and biological response modifiers IFN-gamma and granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor against the M.


Further study on the roles of the effector molecules of immunosuppressive macrophages induced by mycobacterial infection in expression of their suppressor function against itogen stimulated T cell proliferation. Myanmar Medical Journal. Proceedings of 10 th Medical Speciality Conference. Proceedings of 10 th Medical Speciality Conference, Council, Bangkok, Thailand. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Tolosa JE. Daly SAffiliations.

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Bacteriological profile of orthopaedic post-operative surgical wound sepsis in Yangon. Bacteriological study of conceptus evacuated from septic abortion in North Okkalapa. Bacteriological examination of blood culture in neonatal sepsis in North Okkalapa. Bacteriological study of squids marketed in two townships of Yangon, Myanmar.