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Read our privacy policy. Thanks for your details. We've gone ahead and sent everything straight to your email address. Talk therapy, psychiatric counseling, Hypnotherapy are other tried and tested therapies that can help you overcome Gephyrophobia once and for all. Agliophobia is the persistent, unwarranted and often irrational fear of pain.

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It is derived from…. Gamophobia is the fear of commitment, though it can also be the excessive, persistent, uncontrollable…. A few years ago i was traveling in Vietnam and during a trekking excursion i found myself on a suspending rope bridge, with gaps between the tiles. I thought I could do it, but I ended up sitting down in the middle of the bridge, having a panic attack. My friends helped me go back, by holding me by the arms, shoving the other tourists away and talking to me the whole time. When I reached the end, I cried my heart out.

Causes of fear of bridges phobia

I think that was the most frightening experience I had on a bridge of the many. I can handle the smaller bridges. Sweaty palms, pounding heart, shallow breathing. The theory is that if you do it enough, your subconscious mind will equate the relaxing thoughts with the squeezing. And then you can use it when going over a bridge and the fear will go away.

Not so sure I believe it.

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I have had an anxiety disorder since I am 40 now and I totally fear bridges. It did hit until about 10 years ago and I try to find alt routes. We worked in New Orleans for the last 2 years and there is water and bridges everywhere. The cognitive behavior does not work when you feel like you are dying. Sometimes I feel weak, tunnel vision, and my biggest thing is a problem swallowing.

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Anxiety sucks. Wish they made a magical cure but you have to do your best to make it. It seems it started when I was around I have seen pictures of the bridges out east and west and in Michigan. I can honestly say I would not drive on any of these if you paid me. My fear is the heights. I refuse to look at the water to my side. I have crossed bridges into St. Louis and Kentucky and they were bad. They are nothing compared to those I have seen in pictures in New York and California.

Still when I look and see that roller coaster like highway I almost throw up. I do ok on this one going into Kentucky because traffic moves very slowly on it. I clench the wheel and stare straight ahead and somehow make it. Is there a discussion group for this crazy issue, I used to go to Manhattan several times a week, bridges and Lincoln tunnel and now, if I accidentally find myself on a bridge I shake violently and almost think I will have an immediate heart attack and harm others!

I think there has to be some warning of bridges ahead that way we can either turnaround or switch drivers. I feel the same exact way, mine started getting really bad after I had open heart surgery at Now I am looking for a GPS with programmable routes because if I get stuck on a high bridge I am stopping and calling , the worst part is you get stuck on a freeway with no way out.

I have always had a problem with heights, and not good with bridges, but could concentrate my way over them. After that I cried and was afraid to drive at all in case I mistakenly ended up on a bridge.

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I had a panic attack and called my sister in CA to Google how to get to the airport without ending up on a bridge. I feel a little sick and numb just writing this. I live in CA and am looking to move, but now my choices have suddenly become very limited.

I HATE bridges!! Just what I needed. Any tricks to help? I try to completely avoid all bridges with exception of small bridges. Its become debilitating and interfering with my job and personal life. I can cross tiney foot bridges, but the bay bridge is a nightmare. When I have walked up to the middle of the bridge I really feel like it is starting to move and its going to break.

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Like the asphalt is soft under my feet. Then after crossing the middle and going near to the other end, the sensation goes away. I have felt this way walking on a narrow bridge not a large one. My fear is to drive across Bridges. I go into panic mode and my body tightens up.


I am ok when someone else is driving, but when I am behind the wheel I am stuck. My fear of bridges extends back to a childhood trauma: I was held over the side of a bridge for punishment. Since then, I have a problem with bridges. I have the same problem too. A few years ago, I got stuck in new york. I waited 2 hours for a family member to come and drive me past the manhattan bridge. Horrific situation. The sad thing is there is no remedy or real solution to overcome that phobia.

So I like heights, rappelling and tree climbing no issue. I enjoy the water, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling. But bridges over water of any height. Total pucker factor. But I love architectural drawings of bridges as well as pictures. Can this also be caused by poor adrenal production or adrenal burn out? I have similar fears to those mentioned above..

I always pull over and have my wife or daughter drive over the bridge. I have to drive from New York to Florida.. I am afraid to look to the right or left when driving across a bridge. I do not want anyone in the vehicle to talk to me. I am terrified until I get to the point where there is land beneath me. It is a real fear that I wish I did not have.

Hi Friend, I too can relate to your story. I completed my 2nd bridge walk this week. Tomorrow I am planning to walk over the George Washington bridge.