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Most actors portray Dr.

Dr. Rank is an early example of realism in theater.

Rank as soft-spoken and well-meaning. He does not mean to be vulgar but instead confesses his feelings for Nora mainly because he only has a few days left to live. Sadly, Nora responds to his forwardness by summoning her maid, turning up the lights, stepping away from him and quickly dismissing the conversation.

When Dr. Rank suggests that his love is just as strong as Torvald's, Nora recoils from him. She never again looks to him as a possible solution to her problem. The fact that she would consider suicide before accepting Dr. More than any other character in the play, Dr. However, Dr. As plays became more realistic, characters began spending more time being reflective rather than getting caught up in convoluted plot lines. Rank, like characters found in the works of Chekhov, Brecht, and other modern dramatists, ponders aloud about his inner misgivings.

Share Flipboard Email. His plays have been performed throughout the U. S and the U. Updated March 17, I swore to myself you would know before I went. Block Allow.

Jennifer Rash. Have you ever had trouble remembering what a character looks like when you describe it while writing a book? Have you longed to have some kind of reference, but can't draw as well as you'd like? Have you wanted to make a drawing model for a comic book that looks exactly like your character so you can keep color, design and style consistent?

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