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If you get multi-tracks to mix then you would be right to treat it that way. Somebody else did the production and the tracking, and somebody will probably handle the mastering. So your job is simple: pull up the faders and get to work.

You have an idea of how things should sound in the end so you basically do everything with the end in mind. So before you even start moving the faders around make sure you clean up all the crap in your tracks. Then you not only have to do the dishes before you cook, but you ALSO have to do them afterwards! Going back to doing the dishes, if the kitchen is clean I know where everything is and I can grab it immediately.

Edit first, then focus on the mixing.

The Word "Mix" in Example Sentences - Page 1

Having a full sink of plates and utensils you might need is just going to rob me of the pleasure of making my meal. The same goes for editing.

This is where bussing comes in. You waste a lot of time scrolling from one side to the other looking for the guitar parts. He has over credits to his name. His secret is the way he approaches his mixes. He simplifies everything. For example, in one of his mixes he took a recording of tracks and comped it down to only 44 tracks!

1. Do the Dishes So You Can Cook in the Kitchen

At least 44 sounds doable. If you do this you end up with a more manageable mix. And all the same principles of EQ and compression apply. Just think of it like a cross between a mixing and a mastering session.

Something In The Sky Mix

You can easily do the same thing. For someone not experienced with mixing it might make you hyperventilate a bit, but once you look closely at the tracks you realize there are only four groups of instruments:. Usually you can group and process those tracks together fairly quickly so worrying about them is pointless when you should be focusing on the mix as a whole. Needing to jump from one side of the mixing window to the other to tweak one element of the mix is incredibly inefficient.

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Having all the individual tracks and their respective busses in one place makes it easier to do simple tweaks without wasting time. Another thing I do to save time is color-code my tracks. It helps my eyes and brain jump right to the correct track later on in the session. This is something I learned from another award-winning mixing engineer, Andrew Scheps.

I thought that was very interesting. Instead of making one green color dominate any and all guitar tracks he differentiates them based on gradient. Like it or not, mixing has become a visual experience. So make it easier on your brain and focus on making your songs sound good. Take some pressure off your eyes and color code your tracks for an easier mixing experience. But before mindlessly pushing faders around, take a step back and decide what the song needs.

Going into the mix with a more artistic approach than a technical one can help you understand what you should focus on. For instance, the most important instrument is usually the vocal but then you also have other instruments that really help support the vocal so you need to focus on them as well. Find your main character and then mix the supporting roles around them. Set all your faders a little bit below unity gain so you have some headroom to work with and then flip over to the arrangement window.

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Never tell yourself that you "know" an English word or phrase. How to memorize the phrases Why Memorize? My theory of "hook phrases". Lessons Phrases someone got mix For example, I got mixed up and took Highway 50 South instead of North. You tell what you did when you were confused with the phrase "and did something ": They must have gotten mixed up and tried to use Version 2 instead of the newer version.