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Ticket and Chat. Ticket, Chat, Screenshare. Pallets of produce and food parcels are stacked shoulder-high. Faulkner, Whitman, and Dickinson did not labor in vain; their books live on, horizontally, stacked like bricks in a display case. Emma dried her dishes as carefully as she had washed them and stacked them in the cupboard.

Stacked against the outside wall were hundreds of freshly printed newspapers ready for distribution. The third and fourth were open cars, stacked high with machinery. One morning, at drill-call, the men in my own company marched out and stacked their arms, refusing to drill. The cotton has been picked and stacked for drying on the tops of the sheds. In addition to the idioms beginning with stack.

Pocket K No. 42: Stacked Traits in Biotech Crops

RELATED WORDS deformed , unmade , abnormal , amorphous , anomalous , baggy , buxom , curvaceous , curvy , embryonic , inchoate , indefinite , indeterminate , indistinct , invisible , irregular , malformed , misshapen , nebulous , undeveloped. Nearby words stacia , stack , stack the cards , stack up , stackable , stacked , stacked heel , stacking , stacking swivel , stacking truck , stackup.

Origin of stacked —45; stack v. Often stacks. Also called air stack, stackup. Verb Phrases stack up , Aviation.

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