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Retrieved March 13, November 16, November 15, USA Today. Financial Times. December 1, The Sun Daily. Retrieved November 17, November 18, Retrieved November 18, November 19, Retrieved November 27, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh. Office of the Prime Minister of Belgium. The Brunei Times. Archived from the original on November 12, Another Tokyo staple on the accommodation scene is Tokyu Stay Shibuya, a modern hotel complex about five minutes from Shibuya Station by foot.

Best suited to those staying solo or as a pair, the price point for a hotel based in this neighbourhood makes Tokyu Stay Shibuya a steal. Tastefully minimal in design, but not in concept, the Turn Table Hostel and Restaurant is a hybrid restaurant, hotel and budget hostel located right in the heart of Shibuya. Its design gives a nod to traditional Japanese aesthetics, while still being effortlessly modern.

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On the first floor sits a bar open to guests and visitors alike, while the second floor features a stylish contemporary restaurant serving Tokushima prefecture-style cuisine. The hostel also offers more luxurious private suites with balconies. Independent Hotel. Just a few minutes from Shibuya Crossing, The Millennials features space-economical capsule-style rooms that feel worlds away from your typical capsule hotel.

The main area also features a large co-working space, an excellent place for digital nomads and travelling creatives to meet, socialise and collaborate. Visit website. Boutique Hotel, Hotel. Featuring youthful, vibrant pop-art inspired rooms, the decor reflects the energy of the neighbourhood. Located in one of the most fashion-forward corners of the city, the mega-shopping hubs of Daikanyama, Harajuku and Omotesando are also all within walking distance, while Shinjuku is just a few minutes by train.

In the Eye of the Storm: When Hurricanes Impact Prisons and Jails | Prison Legal News

If location is your number one priority, then Hotel Mets Shibuya is definitely your list topper. The evacuation to the overpass did not occur until days after the flooding. The prisoners were eventually taken from the overpass to jails in other parishes, which caused delays in court appearances that resulted in some prisoners being held longer than their maximum possible sentences.

Parish officials admitted they had no evacuation plan for the Orleans Parish Prison prior to Hurricane Katrina.

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The indelible images of prisoners baking in the sun on an overpass, while held at gunpoint, served as a clarion call to all U. Fortunately for the prisoners on the buses, Rita made a radical course change and diminished in strength as it approached Galveston Island; the storm ended up making landfall near Beaumont on September 24, Unfortunately, there were prisons in Beaumont that never had a chance to evacuate. Following Rita, prisoners at USP Beaumont who were forced to ride out the hurricane and its aftermath filed suit under the Federal Tort Claims Act FTCA , alleging prison officials were negligent for failing to evacuate them or provide proper care after the storm hit.

They also had to live without showers in degree temperatures amid a black mold outbreak while dealing with rampant bacterial infections and skin rashes. United States, U. TDCJ officials began evacuating the prison but the evacuation stalled after only a few hundred prisoners were moved as the buses became mired in traffic from people fleeing Houston. The rest of the prisoners rode out the hurricane at the Ramsey Unit.

Electrical power was lost and prisoners were kicked out of the medical department so TDCJ guards, who could not leave the facility for the duration of the emergency, could sleep in one of the few areas with air conditioning powered by backup generators. One prisoner, Mark Goss, developed a staph infection on his head as Rita neared shore. He showed it to Nurse Noland, who told him not to worry and gave him Tylenol. The infection spread, became bloodborne and caused Goss to experience severe internal pain, but during repeated visits Noland insisted the pain was being caused by gall bladder stones.

Ten days after Rita made landfall, the mandatory evacuation order was lifted and a doctor arrived at the Ramsey Unit. Upon seeing the near-comatose Goss, the doctor had him immediately transported to a hospital.

In the eye of the storm

Goss remained in the ICU for five months; he suffered severe damage to his internal organs, including his brain, resulting in permanent paralysis. He must now use a wheelchair for mobility. Although not directly endangered by the storm, Goss became one of its victims when the facility was left populated in a mandatory evacuation zone without competent medical providers. Unfortunately, his story is hardly unique.

The good news is that the TDCJ saw what happened during the attempted evacuation and formed a commission to study the problem and create a plan for future emergencies. The bad news, however, is that not all Texas state prisons have followed the plan. On September 12, , Hurricane Ike came ashore in western Louisiana and southeast Texas as a mile-wide Category 3 storm with wind speeds of almost miles per hour.

None were evacuated. State officials acknowledged that the LeBlanc Unit, Stiles Unit and Gist State Jail had received notices to boil their city-supplied water, which had become contaminated. Of course prisoners have no means to boil water, so most were forced to drink the contaminated water. The over mile-per-hour winds that lashed the prison for 14 hours shattered dormitory and cell windows and tore ventilation fans and sheet metal off roofs while prisoners sheltered in their cells.

After the storm passed, prisoners endured over a week of sweltering heat without so much as a fan to circulate the air. Prisoners at the Galveston County Jail fared even worse. The electricity went out, water and sewage utilities failed, and food ran short — leaving hungry and thirsty prisoners wading through ankle-deep contaminated water that had backed up through the sewage system.

As rain flooded the jail though damaged roofs and leaky wall seams, ceiling tiles became saturated and collapsed.