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    What is Blinkist? Start free trial. Key idea 1 of Goal setting and detailed planning are the basis of every achievement.

    Every success story begins with people who know what they want to achieve. Key ideas in this title Goal setting and detailed planning are the basis of every achievement.

    Napoleon Hill - Think And Grow Rich 1937 Edition - Chapter 4 - Auto-Suggestion

    Successful people have an unwavering faith in themselves. By using auto-suggestion, our subconscious can influence our behavior.

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    The workshop of the imagination — where we can turn our dreams into reality. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses increases your chances of professional success. Successful people are remarkable for their determination and steadfastness. Only the persistent will succeed. Achieving great things requires being smart and surrounding yourself with smart people. Final summary Start free trial to continue Upgrade to continue Read or listen now. How do I start investing in property? This month you have the chance to have all your burning questions answered by property experts!

    Think and Grow Rich: A Lifetime of Riches in Property is a property seminar that will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to start investing in property. Even better? It's FREE! We host seminars all over South Africa and have educated over 20 attendees within two years!

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    What are our seminars about? The book has sold over million copies worldwide and has been a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs. It outlines what it takes to be a success within the business environment, using interviews from the world's top entrepreneurs - including Henry Ford and Dale Carnegie.

    We've taken these 13 principles and applied it to the South African property market. The result? A seminar that will provide you with foolproof strategies on how to start investing in property. The seminars are two hours.

    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    During this time, you'll learn about:. Today, they own a multimillion Rand property portfolio. Working with technology and marketing partners, Sylvia has formed Wealth Alliance , an organisation that empowers individuals to change their perspective on traditional wealth creation. Why you should attend our seminars? Property investment has offered many people the opportunity to earn a passive income. Whether you're looking to retire comfortably or live financially free, investing in property will help you secure this dream.

    We use training techniques that will help you set achievable goals. You'll be ready to conquer whatever you set your mind to while making sure that your money works hard for you today and smart for you tomorrow.