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It warmed my heart. I really loved this game!!

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Its fairly quick and really fun! Just make sure you check the controls, I missed the snuffle until the end! A Woof Way Home. A downloadable game for Windows.

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Karl the dog lost his memory of his home and tries to find it. More information. Status Prototype Platforms Windows Rating. Comments Log in with itch. BrunoExists days ago. Yeah sadly we would need a Mac or similiar to package a build :. BrunoExists 97 days ago. Woof woof, where is my roof? He's a good boy. SamEyeNinja days ago 1 edit.

Akuma days ago. Cute game it was really fun! Such a sweet and adorable little game! I enjoyed this so much! It wont open, but it still looks good!


Made a video. Camping Grounds Game Dev Team days ago.

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Thanks for making this game, I made you a video. But this time Woof wanted more, and she began to feel constrained by the frame she was working in. The Lightning Tree links its modern protagonist, Ursula, with her great-grandmother Annie.

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I think I probably have about 10 more books in me about this. If I could jump out, strike you with the full weight of my arm, make your heart pound, tickle you, caress you, do anything in my power to make you feel it. And it was the key. I was struggling with how to shift in time and this voice just had that freedom.

Woof & Watson

He goes to Oxford, she goes to India, and things fall apart. Come on, wake up! Who cares about that? But the readers she trusted to give feedback on early drafts urged her to make more of the earthly love between Ursula and Jerry, and spirituality was relegated. Woof was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in , and grew up in the city, where her father taught English at the university for 30 years, and in the Lakes. She later enrolled in circus school.

I ended up in Edinburgh, then touring all over the world, doing these quite free-form shows in which I would play different characters and climb up ropes and do bits of trapeze work. My work was quite weird and kinetic and uncompromising really, looking back on it. Woof has two sons aged seven and 14 and both her novels feature women struggling to combine motherhood with a sexual and creative life.